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 North Pole Last Degree skiers

Whether you want to fly to the South Pole or ski the last degree or ski all the way from the coast to the Pole. We've got an expedition for you. Limited spaces remain. Check with us today!

Celebrating an amazing 25 YEARS of guiding polar expeditions.


We have been at this for a long time and we still love every moment of every expedition! Check out our history and join us for our exciting 25th season!

PolarExplorers logoWelcome to PolarExplorers — Celebrating 25 Years!

PolarExplorers is very proud to be celebrating 25 years of organizing and guiding polar expeditions. What makes us different? Our history. Just ask our hundreds of previous team members. They will tell you that we know what we are doing and we do it right. Whether you want to trek to the North Pole, fly to the South Pole, ski across Greenland, explore the glaciers of Iceland or make a journey of your own creation; whether you want to travel by ski, dogsled or plane, we can guide you and help with all aspects of your preparation and training. Contact us for a list of references or call us to discuss any of our expeditions. We look forward to hearing from you!

The North West Passage

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