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South Pole Last Degree - Getting close!

It was a cold day up on the polar plateau. Colder than any other day so far (around -24 C / -13 F) and there was enough wind to make everyone feel the bite (around 6 kt). This made managing hands and faces harder than previous days but everyone did well and survived the day with all parts intact.  

The sky was blue and the snow was great for pulling. Is it ever not? Well, yes. Sometimes when it's really cold (-30 and beyond) the snow gets gritty like grains of sand and pulling becomes tedious. If it gets that way during this expedition we will surely hear about it! 

We are hosting a competition to see who can guess the exact day and hour that our teams arrive. The winners will receive an expedition patch. You can make your guess on our facebook page here. Remember they are UTC-3 and there are two teams, which gives you two guesses!

South Pole team (Rob, Ian, Graeme, Roger and Eric): Today was a great day but it was definitely colder and windier and that all combined to make everyone more tired at the end of the day. It also made them enjoy their bacon covered cheesy quesadillas and cheeseburgers all the more! There is no sauce like hunger, or no spice like a long day of skiing! They crossed a track today that was clearly a skier on one path and a short distance away another track that was a pulk. They are guessing it is Mike Horn's track. This is a good guess because he is kite skiing and with kite skiing the sled doesn't always directly follow the skis. They also saw Keith and Garrett's team which appeared as small specs on the horizon. The specks disappeared mid day only to re-emerge at the end of the day into a larger speck (their camp). As they both approach the pole they will be seeing more and more of each other! Another awesome latrine was build today... igLOO resurrected! They all enjoyed hearing your comments. Thanks for posting them on our facebook page and feel free to send more! Current position: S 89.44.475, W 36.27.6

South Pole / Vinson team (Mike, Peter, Joel, Marshall, Audrey, Terry, George, Michael. Garrett and Keith): All is good today. It was a beautiful day even though everyone definitely felt the colder temperatures and the wind. This resulted in a crew that was more exhausted than usual. It's amazing how a drop in temperature or a steady wind can zap your energy. It just funnels right out of you at those temperatures. You have to keep eating and drinking and moving (repeat, repeat, repeat) to keep your energy level high. But at some point you are simply ready to make camp and kick back with a hot drink and some fatty foods. They can see Eric's team way off on the horizon. Nothing more than a tiny black dot.  They are looking forward to carrying on and seeing another spec on the horizon - the South Pole station - soon! Thanks to all who posted comments on our facebook page. They enjoyed receiving them! Current position: S 89.43.606, W 024.38.23

South Pole Last Degree Expedition

That's Audrey in the lead followed by Joel, Garrett and Marshall


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