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Union Glacier, home away from home

Both teams are now back at Union Glacier and enjoying the amenities of a well run basecamp. There is excellent food, hot showers, lectures and fresh faces to smile at and people to meet. 

The Vinson team (Joel, Peter, Audrey, George, Terry, Michael, Keith and Garrett) spent the day getting ready for their upcoming climb of Mount Vinson. They practiced fixed line ascension, made tethers for their backpacks, organized their kit and overall had a very productive morning and afternoon. They were hoping to fly to Vinson tonight but low lying clouds at Vinson Basecamp prevented the flight. They are hoping to fly tomorrow but the weather forecast is mixed. We will see what happens!

Eric and the South Pole crew had a relatively uneventful day, at least for these world class adventurers. To most people flying in a ski equipped plane over the vast Antarctic plateau often low enough to make out details on the white expanse would be an incredible event! There is no doubt that as they flew they could appreciate all the effort the early explorers put into crossing this vast continent.

Back together again the teams had dinner and a special ceremony afterwards where they received official certificates acknowledging their South Pole achievement. Then it was off to a lecture about Shackleton. 

Tomorrow the South Pole team is scheduled to fly back to Punta Areans. We will keep you posted!

Union Glacier basecamp

Inside the dining tent at UG

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