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2017 North Pole Expeditions begin!

After months of preparation, training, accumulating gear and clothing, anticipation, apprehension, excitement- the 2017 PolarExplorers North Pole Expeditions have officially begun!  The team members all met in Longyearbyen, Norway.  We have a busy season with 3 different last degree ski teams, one 10 km ski team and 2 North Pole flight with overnight at Barneo teams. 

The day was spent doing gear checks for some, participating in day excursions for others (ski-doo excursions, etc- one group did see a mother polar bear and 2 cubs on a trip to the East Coast), and exploring Longyearbyen.  It was a beautiful sunny day with temps around -6°C.  Everyone is psyched to be together and finally meet one another.  Each team had their own welcome reception and drinks followed by dinner.  They discussed logistics for the next few days.  The flight team will be picked up at their hotels around 7:30 AM for a flight to Barneo around 10 or 11 AM.  They will then fly on to the North Pole (weather permitting) then back to Barneo for the night. 

The ski teams will be delivering their sleds and gear to the airport with the plan to fly to Barneo on Friday April 14.  The teams discussed the weather conditions and current drift patterns.  It has been very cold which is good news in terms of ice conditions and they hope that pattern continues.  Earlier in April the ice had been drifting fairly rapidly toward Finland but that seems to have slowed down.  Again, they're hoping that continues.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow and in the meantime, please listen to the audio updates from the teams below.  As the audio updates are not showing up on mobile devices, transcriptions of the updates follow below.

Hello friends, family and followers. This is Eric calling in from the official start of our North Pole last degree ski expedition with Annie, Tamas, Jim, Pia, Dean, Mike and Joel. We had an awesome day today.  It’s great to finally get the whole group together and have shared in the excitement of officially starting the expedition.  Tomorrow we will finish packing up all of our gear and ship it off to the airport where it will stay and get loaded onto the plane for our departure on the 14th. So we are just waiting here in Longyearbyen, Svalbard waiting to get out to the frigid temperatures of the Arctic ocean and hopefully have a great safe and successful expedition coming up, so thanks for following, and we'll check back with you again soon.


Hello, this is Keith Heger with the  PolarExplorers Last Degree Ski Team.  The team officially met tonight. We are in Longyearbyen, Norway.  To briefly introduce the team, we have Niall and Patch, a father and son team from the Netherlands. We have Mark from the UK, Lindsay all the way from Australia, Martin coming from the US and Henry from the UK.  The PolarExplorers team is made up of Andrew Leary and myself.  We had a logistics meeting tonight so we got to know each other a little bit and planned the twenty-four  hours in which will pack our equipment and gets our sleds out to the airport for the flight to the Barneo basecamp located on the Arctic ocean.  The plan is to fly on the 14th. So stay stay tuned for more. Bye for now.


Hey, everybody. This is Chris Paustian calling in for the last degree Ski team. I'm calling in from Longyearbyen, Svalbard where we just had a great dinner.   Taylor, myself, Qobin, Boiy, Shahrom and Dexter are all super excited to fly to the ice in 2 days.  Tomorrow we're going to go through all of our gear, pack it all up, ship it on out to the airport and hope that we don't have any delays with our flight.  We hear it's super cold and super flat with great ice conditions up north right now.   Hoping that stays the same. Thanks to everyone for following and we'll catch you later.  Bye.

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