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Monday, 11 August 2014 17:48

New Polar Shakedown Training in Iceland!

For over 20 years PolarExplorers has been training aspiring polar adventurers how to thrive in the unforgiving polar environment. With two popular trainings (one in Norway and one in the USA) why add a third in Iceland?



PolarExplorers director Annie Aggens offers three reasons why YOU should head to Iceland at the end of September / beginning of October to join the next Polar Shakedown Training.

Reason #1: 2015 will be our 22nd year of organizing and guiding polar expeditions. If there is one thing we have learned during that tenure it is that the safety, success and overall enjoyment of any polar expedition is directly related to the quality of the pre-expedition training. Anyone can sweat it out in a gym or pull a tire for hours on end. And you should be doing that for sure! But if your training does not also include hands-on practice with your personal/group kit in an environment similar to the polar regions, with an experienced polar guide to provide instruction and insight into your upcoming experience, then you are not doing enough.

Reason #2: It's Iceland! If you've already been there you know what I am talking about. If you haven't been there prepare to be blown away by the beauty and ruggedness that will surround you every day. Iceland, with its many glaciers and windy climate, offers a perfect location to train for a polar expedition. Our training will take place on the Langjökull glacier, a few hours by super jeep from Reykjavik. The 6 day training will cover all aspects of polar expedition travel including clothing & equipment, navigation, camp routines, safety, judgement, efficient skiing, packing a pulk, food considerations, cooking, use of polar equipment, communications and many more topics. The glacier will provide a stunning backdrop during the day, and at night we hope to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

Reason #3: It's all about timing. Our early February training in the USA and our April training in Spitsbergen, Norway are perfect for North Pole expeditions and also ideal for South Pole, Greenland and South Georgia Island adventurers planning a year ahead. But we decided to add a training to coincide with our South Pole expeditions so people heading to Antarctica can get some hands on practice in the months leading up to their expedition. Additionally people heading to the North Pole, Greenland or South Georgia Island now have another training option. Iceland is the perfect location for this training, with plenty of snow, ice, wind, and fickle weather, much like its polar cousins; and it's relatively easy to get to; only a hop, skip and jump from North America and Europe.

Bonus reason: There's no better way to reward yourself at the end of the trip than soaking in one of Iceland's geothermal hot pools. Life doesn't get much better!


PolarExplorers is offering two Polar Shakedown Trainings in Iceland this autumn. Details are below. Please contact us for more information or to reserve your space!

Dates: September 26-October 1, 2014 and October 1-6, 2014

Price: $3,800 USD

Getting to Iceland is relatively easy. Iceland Air offers direct flights to Keflavik Airport from 27 European cities and 12 North American cities. From Keflavik Airport a Flybuss will connect you with our hotel in Reykjavik (roughly 45 minutes). Taxis are also available.