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Saturday, 15 April 2017 19:08

North Pole Last Degree - Making good progress

All of the last degree teams made great progress today, especially considering their late night arrival in camp and their first full day on the ice.  They reported good ice conditions with some small leads, a few pressure ridges but also some nice big pans of ice where they were able to make some distance.   And a very happy birthday to Lucy Carton!  Your brother and dad are thinking of you.

They reported temperatures around -18° C and winds varying between the different groups, 5 to 12 knots.  All team members are doing well and feeling good about getting a full day under their belts.  Snug and cozy in their tents, they look forward to a full night's rest and hitting the ice running tomorrow!

Listen (or read) the audio updates from each of the teams below.

Image of previous expedition camp

Birds-eye view of the a North Pole Last Degree Expedition

Crossing a lead

Hello, this is Taylor Sweitzer reporting in from the Cool Runnings team. We are currently at N 89° 11, E 109° 7.  We had a great day skiing today.  We got a kind of an early start for the late night that we had last night, and we skied about 8 hours today on really great ice, seeing only a little bit of water. We just ate a delicious meal, and we can currently see another ski team not too far off in the distance.  The winds has been study, but not very intense today, and we are looking forward to continuing on North tomorrow.  Ciao!

Hello, this is Patrick Carton from the North Pole Last Degree Ski expedition. We had our first day today. The weather was -18° and 12 knots of wind.  We made good progress with 10 nautical mile, so our position now is N 89° 12.12 and E 106° 46.36. I just want to say a very special happy birthday to my sister Lucy and Keith wants to say thank you to Sarah for the cookies, and that's our report from the North Pole.

Hello, this is Annie calling from team Polaris. We still haven't sorted out a different name for our team. I'm with Pia, Tamas, Joel, Mike, Eric, Jim Holliday and Dean Atwell. We had a great day today. We made a little over 10 nautical miles.  We're now at N 89° 11.285 and we're at E 108° 51.749.  And today we had all kinds of conditions today:  cloudy sunny, windy, calm.  We had some leads that were very small cracks really but quite mushy which we had to sort out and we had a few pressure ridges that we had to plan a route through and we also had some big great pans of ice so we had it at all today. We did 5 pushes. It was cold, it was about -2° with about, when it was windy, maybe a 5 or 6 knot wind and we managed to get through all right, everybody's doing good and now that we’re in nice cozy tents having had some soup and cocoa and tea, everybody's doing great. So we wish everybody well, and thanks for following along, and we'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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