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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 22:29

Vatnajökull Expedition - At Grimsfjall Hut!

The team successfully reached the Grimsfall Hut today after 10 long hours of travel!  They started at 8:45 AM and arrived at 6:45 PM.  They traveled 28 km in a series of 6 pushes with 15 minute breaks in between each push.  Though a long day, they were on a mission to reach the hut.  Everyone is obviously very pumped and excited that they reached their goal!  (Click on today's blog title to see the full dispatch including audio update)

They awoke to discover that it had snowed overnight so they first had to dig out their sleds and gear.  It was rather a wet snow so it stuck to the skins on their skis, making for challenging travel.  The temperature dropped in the afternoon, making the snow harder and easier to glide on.  The wind also picked up so they skied much of the day in 25 mph winds from the side.  They had good visibility all day though some low hanging clouds.  As they got toward the hut, they could see out over the caldera.  They are above the clouds now and feel like they are on the only mountain top in the world.  It took them 1/2 hour to dig out the hut but they're now snug and cozy inside, having had their bacon and cheese quesadillas for dinner. 

Tomorrow the plan is to practice crevasse rescue techniques, spend some time in the sauna and get a good day of rest.  They definitely deserve it after the past two long and challenging days.  The day after tomorrow is theoretically the longest travel day of the expedition but they're feeling like it won't be bad at all after the past two long and challenging days.  Congratulations to all the team members on their perseverance, strength, positive attitudes and determination to reach their goal!

The Grimsfjall Hut on Vatnajokull

The Grimsfall Hut buried in snow!


And the transcription (of the bits of update that did come through) for those following on mobile devices:

Hello friends, family and followers!  This is Eric calling in from Iceland. We had a trying day today. (Hey, pipe down over there)  (message breaks up somewhat here)  We started skiing this morning in some wet snow.  We covered 28 km today.  Our goal for today was to reach the Grimsfall Hut and we did it!

Yeah, hi, this is Rob Jefferey one of the clients on the trip. We covered 28 k today in 10 hours and 2 massive long days. (Reception went out after this…)

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