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Preparations at Union Glacier


Our Last Degree Ski team is doing well and enjoying their time at Union Glacier. They spent the day preparing to leave for the 89th Degree of Latitude which will happen tomorrow at noon if conditions cooperate. Team member, and North Pole alum, Danny Lubert called in with the update this evening. Below is the transcript of his audio update.

"Hi this is Danny Lubert reporting in from Union Glacier, for the Last Degree PolarExplorers team. We had a hurried departure from Punta Arenas yesterday and arrived here this morning at about 2:30AM. We had a nice meal straight away and put our tents down, then had about 4 or 5 hours sleep before we got up for a nice brunch that was prepared for us. We worked hard all day preparing to leave for the 89th Degree. We had a ski and tested our equipment. Everyone is great. It’s quite cold at -15°C with about 40-45 knot winds, so it’s quite windy. Everyone is very excited and now in their tents because we’ve had news that we’ll be leaving for the 89th Degree tomorrow at noon on one of these smaller planes.

So, reporting in to family, friends, and loved ones that we’re all doing well and and we look forward to updating you as we get to our destination tomorrow and let you know how we do it. Take care everyone, and Happy New Year! Bye."

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