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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 23:30

Perfect Day on Vinson Summit

 After a 6.5 hour push out team, led by Garrett Madison (from Madison Mountaineering), Keith, and Annie, reached the top of Antarctica! It was a beautiful day to climb, with clear blue skies overhead, clouds shrouding the rest of Antarctica below, and relatively little wind  The last half-hour was the highlight of the climb as they traversed the summit ridge. At the summit, the temperature was -35°C with a 5 knot wind (which made the felt temperature closer to -43°C). Not wanting to rest too long in the frigidity, the team spent 20 minutes on the summit, taking pictures and celebrating before making the 3-hour trek back to High Camp where they feasted on pork, chicken, corn, and chocolate. We are so proud of the team for accomplishing this feat with strength and style, and a special congratulations goes out to Maria Conceicao for being the first Portuguese woman to summit Vinson.

Listen to the audio updates below for details from the Summit as well as the end of the day back at high camp. While you might think they are having an easy time of it (from Tamas's audio update) be sure that they worked their butts off on this mountain, and are all truly world-class explorers... and they don't each have their own private bathroom. :)



Partial group selfie from the Summit of Vinson Massif

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