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Our guide team of Annie and Eric are off to Iceland to prepare for our crossing of the Vatnajökull Icecap.

The team will be on the trail for nine days, giving regular updates along the way. Follow along for stories and pictures from the land of fire and ice!

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 22:22

South Pole Flight - Arrival in Antarctica

The team has touched down in Antarctica!

The 6-hour flight was smooth and conditions were cloudy but calm when the plane touched down. From the runway, the team was transferred 12km to The Oasis for a nice lunch. They had time to settle into their accommodations before going for a hike to see the ice shelf. 

Everyone is in great spirits and settled in after a nice dinner. If the weather improves tomorrow, the team plans to go see the ice cave near base camp.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 27 November 2014 00:00

Happy Thanksgiving to our Team

The guys have enjoyed another great day of progress toward the pole. The day began cloudy but cleared up in the afternoon. The team covered 12 nautical miles over 8.5 hours of travel in -12°C temperatures. As you can see in their photo, the men are in good spirits and we are thankful for it.

More to come tomorrow.