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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 15:12

The Team Has Arrived at Union Glacier

Our Last Degree ski team is on Antarctica! The team took off late yesterday and flew through the night, landing at Union Glacier at 2:30am this morning (UTC-3). Upon arrival they had a short briefing, followed by a tour of the camp and a hot meal before setting up tents and getting a few more hours of sleep.

The team was up at 11:00AM for brunch, and plan to spend the day making all final preparations and practicing some polar travel skills so they are ready to fly to the 89°S tomorrow (If the weather allows). It is currently -5°C at Union Glacier Camp with a light breeze, the perfect transition temperature before heading to the Antarctic plateau. Stay tuned for another update this evening!

Tuesday, 02 January 2018 02:25

Happy New Year's from the South Pole Team

The team has successfully gathered in Punta Arenas without incident. Everyone's luggage arrived on time and they are taking care of any last minute gear requirements. To celebrate the turning of the New Year, our team walked to the waterfront to watch the fireworks over the Straits of Magellan. Today, the team enjoyed a private tour of the area surrounding Punta Arenas by bus, before finishing off the evening with a welcome reception.

Thursday, 09 November 2017 18:54

Mt. Everest Climb

Polar travel and mountain travel have a lot of crossovers. Though the clothes and skills may be different there is the commonality that it is all about putting one foot in front of the next and understanding that the adventure lies in the journey, not at the destination. To celebrate our 25 years of helping mountaineers achieve their polar dreams we are heading to the "the Third Pole." Join us we climb the highest mountain on the planet.

Thursday, 09 November 2017 14:33

Everest Basecamp Trek

Join Rick and Helen on this world class trek into Everest Base Camp starting at Lukla and ending with two nights at Everest Base Camp. This journey through the Khumbu region will stoke all your high altitude ambitions. Finish off with a helicopter transfer back to Kathmandu, followed by a celebratory dinner. This is a Northwest Passage/PolarExplorers special, not to be missed.
Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:47

Union Glacier Ski Expedition

Join PolarExplorers on an unforgettable adventure steeped in austere and remote beauty on the great white continent. The Union Glacier is located in the Heritage Range, below the Ellsworth Mountains, and is home to the Blue Ice Runway and Union Glacier Basecamp (a logistics hub, supporting private expeditions and National Antarctic Programs.) READ MORE...

The team arrived back in Reykjavik this afternoon, looking forward to their final celebration dinner.  More showers ("hand sanitizer only goes so far" was overheard from one of the group), drying out clothing and gear, sleeping on a mattress, eating real food... all most appreciated and very well deserved.  Huge congratulations to all team members!!  We'll let them speak for themselves on their accomplishments and wish everyone safe travels home, till their next adventure!  Thanks to all for following along and we look forward to seeing you on another expedition! If you think you might enjoy this expedition for yourself why not join our 2018 team? Read more here


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