Monday, 12 December 2016 04:45

Ready, set, wait...

The report from the ice today is that everyone was ready to fly to the South Pole. Bags were packed and they were just about to head to the runway when news came in that weather at the refueling station, located near 83 degrees South. was not suitable for landing. This was not entirely unexpected. They knew that the weather was somewhat fickle.

Instead the group went on another great hike with Nico, an Argentinian mountain guide, to a frown bay of the shelf ice. Take a look at the picture and it will make sense why it's a frown bay. The weather at the Schirmacher Oasis (where our group is) was fabulous. Not a cloud in the sky and everyone enjoyed the nice conditions.
The plan for tomorrow is to head to the Pole, with a tentative departure at 2 PM. If Antarctic weather is anything it is dynamic so the plans could still change. Our fingers are crossed that it will all work out as planned.
Check back again tomorrow for another update from the ice!
Sunday, 11 December 2016 00:11

Beautiful day on the White Continent

By all accounts it was a beautiful day to be in Antarctica, and the second half of our team (Alan, Yann, Sebastien and Dirk) successfully made the trip to the penguin colony at Atka Bay. The sky was clear and there was a light breeze. They flew along the edge of the ice shelf over the sea where they were treated to exceptional views.

Back at the Oasis Charles, Aurelia, Gwendal and Vlado went on an excursions to a beautiful glacial wall near Novolazarevskaya Station and basked in the warm Antarctic sun.

After dinner which celebrated the penguins everyone had a Banya (Russian sauna) to refresh and think about the anticipated trip to the South Pole tomorrow.

Check back soon for another update!

Friday, 09 December 2016 22:42

Emperor Penguins

The team woke early for an excursion to the Emperor Penguin colony, but the flight ended up being delayed for several hours. Eventually, after the delay had been sorted out, half of the team made the flight to the penguin colony and had the chance to explore around for an hour and a half. At this time of year, the chicks are very large, but still easily recognizable by their thick grey downy feathers. The other half of the team went to explore the nearby ice caves. Warm temperatures have caused the commonly empty cave to have a river rushing through it, but they still had an amazing hike on the ice shelf. 

Tomorrow, the other half of the group is scheduled for an early flight to the penguin colony, and the rest of the team will be preparing for the flight to the South Pole on Sunday!

Thursday, 08 December 2016 00:00

Exploring Ice Caves

It was a beautiful day today in Antarctica. Not a cloud in the sky and very comfortable temperatures. The group spent the afternoon exploring ice caves at the base of a mountain glacier. In the morning they flew kites. The plan for tomorrow is in flux pending a few logistical considerations. We will keep you posted.

The team is staying in an area known as the Schirmacher Oasis. This is a 25 m by 3 km ice free area (hence the name "Oasis") that has roughly 100 freshwater lakes. It is named after the German pilot who first spotted the oasis while surveying Antarctica by air. It it a desert and is remarkably scenic. We are hoping to post some larger pictures so check back soon!

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 22:22

Arrival in Antarctica

The team has touched down in Antarctica!

The 6-hour flight was smooth and conditions were cloudy but calm when the plane touched down. From the runway, the team was transferred 12km to The Oasis for a nice lunch. They had time to settle into their accommodations before going for a hike to see the ice shelf. 

Everyone is in great spirits and settled in after a nice dinner. If the weather improves tomorrow, the team plans to go see the ice cave near base camp.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 15:41

Getting Ready for Takeoff

Yesterday the team had their Pre-Flight briefing where they reviewed the details of the expedition and received their boarding passes. During the briefing, they were also introduced to Richard, an official from the South African government who will be shadowing our group to observe polar commercial travel for future legislation.

After picking up their Polar outerwear, the team feels ready and excited to embark! Next stop, Antarctica!


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