Monday, 05 December 2016 20:51

The adventure begins!

Welcome to our South Pole & Emperor Penguin expedition blog. The team has gathered in Cape Town in advance of their departure to Antarctica. All are well and looking forward to the upcoming journey. We received this dispatch today from the team:

Throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and elsewhere people are organizing their kit, pulling tires and getting ready for our upcoming South Pole and Mt. Vinson expeditions. You'll be able to follow along with the expeditions right here. Check back again on January 1 for the first dispatch. 


An intrepid team of adventurers will soon depart from Cape Town, South Africa to explore some of the best parts of Antarctica. This includes a visit to an emperor penguin colony and a trip to the Geographic South Pole. This blog will kick off on December 5th. Please check back then to read about the team's activities and to hear daily audio dispatches. 


Get Sponsored: 8 tips on funding your next expedition

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Jeff Blumenfeld, founder of Expedition News and author of Get Sponsored: A Funding Guide for Explorers, Adventurers, and Would-Be World Travelers, gave us his take on how to be successful when looking for sponsors on your next expedition.

Monday, 07 December 2015 15:32

A Grand Conclusion

After safely descending the mountain and having a heartwarming farewell, the team is finally on their way home. Listen below as Oliver recounts the day. You can feel the team's feelings of happiness, relief, and accomplishment. 

Great work gentlemen! We wish you peace and prosperity until our next adventure together.

Hello, here is Oliver speaking to you again from the greatest Kilimanjaro expedition of all time. Today we had the last passage away from the, I don't know what the camp is called, to the base camp ***** at 5,000ft of altitude. We had and incredible welcome and goodbye ceremony from all our porters and by the whole team. We had a tipping a ceremony that meant that all of the porters, cooks, guides, received and envelope with a tip inside from our group to say thank you. We received our documents that we really made it, that we really summitted the Kilimanjaro, and we danced ******* We had a nice lunch in this basecamp so it was an absolutely fantastic end to the trip. Then we went by car to Arusha, we had a little shower in a very nice resort and now we are preparing to fly home ******** All in all it was fantastic and just great event with an incredibly good team spirit thanks to Rick. ***** I can't even describe it, it gave a very good feeling and to all of us it was one of our greatest adventures of our lives and ***** and we are happy that it's over. ***** we are very happy ******.

Sunday, 06 December 2015 22:57

Success! On the roof of Africa!

Congratulations to the entire team for summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro today, Sunday, in the morning hours. We are proud of everyone for successfully reaching the top. It takes a lot of determination and effort to make this ascent. Well done everyone!

After reaching their goal they celebrated and then began their descent. This may sound easy but despite it being easier on the lungs it is definitely harder on the knees and feet. The good news is that what took several days to hike up will only take a day and a half to get down.

They reported in from Camp Mweka which is at 3,000 meters, and roughly half way down from the summit towards the Mweka village. They are relaxing and enjoying dinner and drinks in camp and looking ahead to tomorrow which will be their last day on the mountain.

Again, a huge congratulations to the team! Great job everyone!!!

Make sure to listen to Alexander's audio dispatch! 

"Hello. this is Alexander with what is today Team Stronger(?) of the Kilimanjaro Expedition, we are, after summiting today, all of us, at Camp Mweka, at 3,000 meters above sea level, so we've come all the way down from 5,985 meters to 3,000. All in all we walked 12 kilometers today that's roughly 9 miles, or 7.2 miles, Rick is correcting me, and as I said everybody summiting, and after summiting the pressure obviously decreased a little bit but then we had a long descent into this camp and now we are sitting here sipping a wonderful drink in the midst of the rain forest and waiting for our last day tomorrow. So greetings to everyone who is listening from Tanzania. Bye bye". (The phone is then handed to another person)... "Hello my name is Jaosuta (??), a Mt. Kilimanjaro guide, speaking from Mweka campsite now. I have a fantastic group to summit here in 2015 (he then lists everyone's names). So we are coming from the summit where everyone has been successful, which is fantastic, and then tomorrow the end of the mountain. Thank you very much."



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