South Pole 2020- Ski, Climb or Fly!

Register now for your 2020 South Pole Flight, Last Degree Ski Expedition or South Pole / Vinson Combo. Our teams are forming! Contact us today to register.

North Pole 2019 Dogsled or Ski

April is just around the corner! Ski the Last Degree or Dogsled the Last Degree. Our expeditions are nearly full! Call or email us today.

Fly to the North Pole! Join us for our 26th year of Flying to the North Pole. It's unlike anywhere you've ever been! Call or email us today for our mid April 2019 Flight!

We've been doing this for 25 years! (And we still love it!)

That's us 25 years ago when we made history by guiding the first ever doglsed & ski expedition to the North Pole for amateur adventurers. It was exciting then and it's still exciting today! Join us during our 25th anniversary and make the most of your next expedition. 

Shaking It Up With Our Shakedown

Whether you are a seven summit alum thinking of doing the Grand Slam, or a first time adventurer, our Polar Shakedown Training is the right choice when it comes to preparing for your polar expedition. Need more convincing? Here are our top five reasons for joining our Shakedown?

We get it! When something cool is going on you want a picture! Or perhaps you need to stay in daily contact with family or work. Chances are good that any gadgets you bring on the expedition will require power and special care. What's the best way to manage these?  READ MORE...