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Today around 5:30 PM Chilean time, January 6, 2015, our team ("the boys") reached the Geographic South Pole. They are thrilled to have arrived, but if you think that they immediately put their feet up, think again!

They have already received a tour of the South Pole station, and when we spoke with them they were just getting ready for a photo session at the ceremonial South Pole (that's the one with the red and white barber pole and reflection globe). A mere 30 or so feet away is the Geographic South Pole, with an official survey marker from the United States Geological Survey.

We have been promised photos as well as an audio update but that is on the back burner to celebrating and enjoying the moment. We will post them as soon as they are received. Stay tuned for a full account of their day as well as a short interview with the team about what they remember most from the expedition.

Congratulations to Ian, Andy, Bradley and Keith!

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