"Absolutely would recommend their training to anyone interested in polar travel or anyone trying to build up a tolerance to the cold."

Tony R.

"The experience was really well organized! Despite all the adaptations due to covid I felt like everyday was well structured."

Evan B.

Our guides are busy cleaning, sorting and organizing gear for next year.  And there is a LOT of gear!  Not to mention catching up on sleep as especially the last few days of their expedition were anything but restful!

The highlight of the day was participating in the March for Science in Longyearbyen.  They joined with the Norwegian Polar Institute, UNIS (the University Centre of Svalbard), local residents of Longyearbyen and others to march down the main street of Longyearbyen and through the pedestrian mall to a gathering where they listened to presentations on the importance of science in our lives and policy.  It was dramatic to take part in this event in an area that has been so dramatically altered by climate change. 

The landscape and polar pack ice are changing significantly and it is important for science to tell us why.  Our teams experienced significant changes this year.  One example was having to use ice screws to set up their camps each night whereas in the past they were able to use ice stakes and skis.  There was not enough snow pack this year which is an indication that they were on much younger ice.  There is less and less multi-year ice so it is more susceptible to disappear each summer.  Tom Skilling, THE weather guru in Chicago, has called the Arctic our "canary in the coal mine".

See photos from the march below.

We would like to give a final shout out to all of our team members this year and congratulate all on a job extraordinarily well done!!  So very proud of each and every one of you!

Last Degree Ski Team Members
Shahrom Abdullah
Dean Attwell
Lindsay Barber
Niall Carton
Patrick Carton
Martin Frey
Mike Grigsby
Jim Holliday
Muhammad (Boiy) Irwan
Pia Irwin
Muqharabbin (Qobin) Mokhtarrudin
Dexter Salna
Joel Schauer
Tamas Seregi
Mark Shuttleworth
Henry Smith

Led by guides extraordinaire:
Annie Aggens
Keith Heger
Andrew Leary
Eric Lillstrom
Chris Paustian
Taylor Sweitzer

10 Km Ski Team Members:
Karen (Clark) Ashton
Jim Chaffin
Alan Clark
Stuart Clark
David (Chimu) McGrain
Led by Nancy Moundalexis

North Pole Fliers with Overnight Barneo:
Pao Chen
Richard Christiansen
David Fournie
Ivan Galan
Jane Golubev
Dena Grayson
Chris Harrop
Suparna Kundu
Arthur Loibl
William McCarthy
Carl Metz
Rohit Sharma
Igor Tesker
Led by Rick Sweitzer

And and extra special shout-out to our newest official members of our "Bi-Polar Club" (they have now been to both the North and South Poles with PolarExplorers):
Shahrom Abdullah
Mike Grigsby
William McCarthy
Joel Schauer

Photos from today's March for Science in Longyearbyen:


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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