The Vinson team thought they were good to go. The call came in that their pick up plane was on its way so they took down their tents and packed up. Then came the sound of the plane overhead. VROOOOM!

It came and went. Then it came again. VROOOOOM! And again it went. Five fly-bys but the visibility and contrast were too poor to land. So up went the tents and out came the cards for another round of waiting. That's not all bad. There could be worse places to be waiting. The snow is plentiful, which means that they wont run out of hot drinks, and the camaraderie is top notch. And when the visibility temporarily clears as it occasionally does the views are stunning. 

When we spoke with them this evening they had just finished a dinner of ravioli and marinated chicken. The most popular card game today was Shithead (excuse the language!). Additionally there were two books that have been floating around, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Birthday Boys.

The Ilyushin is still on schedule to arrive in Union Glacier tomorrow. Our fingers are crossed that they make it back by then! The good news is that the forecast is for improving conditions and that seems to be the case. Their next update from the fly guys is at 8 AM local time. We wish them luck!

Check back soon for another update soon!

Plane departing, South Pole Last Degree Mt. Vinson combo

The plane, unable to land in the ground cloud, flies back to Union Glacier.

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