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Another Year of Waiting: Polar Poetry Slam




"Another year of waiting!"
It's a call many a polar explorer has cried when his plans turned out different than hoped. Usually it was the fault of the ice. Grabbing the sides of a ship and locking it like a vise. Bound to their floating homes and forced to "shelter in place" expeditions often spent two or three years, sometimes more, before being set free. Keeping spirits high and avoiding the dark thoughts of uncertainty was a top priority. Many of them turned to poetry, plays and other creative outlets to survive the tedium and to remain hopeful.
"Under circumstances of inactivity such as we were now placed in, and with every prospect of its continuance for a very large portion of a year, I was desirous of finding some amusement for the men during this long and tedious interval..." (Admiral William Parry, from deep in the Northwest Passage, 1819)
It is in that vein that we welcome you to our Polar Poetry Slam!  Please enjoy these lines of verse - and PLEASE SEND US YOUR OWN! (they cannot be worse....) Submit your contributions (to be published here) to eric@polarexplorers.com or comment via Facebook here.

2020 North Pole Last Degree Teams!

 We'd like to introduce you to our 2020 North Pole Last Degree Teams! These international teams will kick off their various expeditions on April 6 and April 15 in Longyearbyen, Norway. Check back again soon as more teams and participants will be added. Make sure to bookmark our blog to read the daily updates and listen to the daily audio dispatches!

Vinson Team Back to Civilization

Keith and Brian are safely back in Punta Arenas and have spent their first night in three weeks in a real bed! All that's left between them and home is some minor gear organizing, a thorough body washing, and a couple flights back to North America... I'd like to pass along our team's thanks to everyone who took the time to follow the expedition. Both the Last Degree ski and Vinson teams were more cheerful knowing there were people out there following along. 

If you're interested in following more of our expeditions, check back in this April for a full season of North Pole adventures! Until then, we're signing off.

Still Stranded at Vinson Base

The good weather they were waiting for today did not arrive, so as of this evening the team is still socked in at Vinson Base Camp. There is another potential opening tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait and see. In other news, tragedy struck yesterday evening when they ran out of rum. Details on this event are still forthcoming, but we aren't sure how many more days Keith and Brian can last without a resupply of libations.

Check back in tomorrow for an update on their travel schedule out of Vinson and on to Punta Arenas.


Plans for a Vinson Exit Strategy

Keith and Brian had another relaxing day at Vinson Basecamp, socked in by clouds and snow. They are finishing off the rest of their "special meals", today's main meal being beef burritios. There has been rougly 6in (10cm) of fresh snow over the last 24 hours, coating everything in fresh powder...


South Pole & Emperor Penguins

This blog features the daily activities of our South Pole & Emperor Penguin Expedition December 6-16, 2016.