Expedition Updates

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Vinson Summit Day

They've made the summit! Despite not having had a rest in a while, Keith and Brian decided to go for the summit today as the weather is only getting more challenging over the next few days. 6.5hrs of travel took them to the "top of the bottom of the world" where they didn't stay for long due to the cold and wind.

Cruising Up to High Camp

Keith and Brian made outstanding progress up the mountain today and are currently resting at High Camp. They described it as a real tough but fun day. They took off from low camp late this morning once the sun had risen and temperatures rose. The route up the fixed lines took them 6.5hrs in light winds and warm temperature. Now they are taking a long, well-deserved rest. Tomorrow morning they will make the decision to go for the summit or continue recuperating for a while longer. 

First Day on the Mountain

Keith and Brian woke up this morning ready to hit the trail again. They had breakfast at 8AM, said goodbye to the rest of the South Pole Ski team, and boarded a plane bound for Vinson Base Camp. Upon arrival, they met with several climbers that had been on the mountain for the last two weeks enduring some adverse conditions, but our team of two quickly organized and continued for 4 hours up to Low Camp.

Back At Union Glacier Basecamp

Today the team flew back to the Union Glacier Basecamp after a fun night at the South Pole. Flying back is a relaxing, reflective time. With the White Continent stretching out below the frosted windows of the plane, and the hum of the propellers creating soothing background noise, the polar plateau fades away into almost a dream-like memory. But the hardships of the journey, the moments of excitement, the laughs and necessary motivation to put one foot in front of the next, all day every day, will stay with each member of the team forever.

Our 100th Expedition Reaches The Pole

Today the team finished the final stretch and reached the South Pole! The guys woke up this morning with only 5 nautical miles between them and the pole. At this point the expedition schedule is second nature and they packed up and were on trail efficiently. Approaching the South Pole iis different than any of their previous days because there is actually something to see on the horizon. The buildings of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station grew closer and closer over the few relaxed hours of skiing.


South Pole & Emperor Penguins

This blog features the daily activities of our South Pole & Emperor Penguin Expedition December 6-16, 2016.