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Wind, Cold And Apocalyptic Light

The light in Antarctica can be amazing. In addition to the brilliant sun that beams down on clear days, one can often see halos (rainbow like rings around the sun), double halos, sun dogs and all sorts of mind bending optics. Today the light looked apocalyptic, with the wind creating a ground blizzard, contrasted by the sun occasionally breaking through the maelstrom.

Reaching the End of Easy Street

The weather made today significantly more challenging for our team with -25C (-13F) temperatures and sustained 10 knot winds gusting to 15 knots throughout the day. In these conditions, the wind chill factor is around -33 degrees Celcius!...

More Good Weather and Good Progress

The team had another great day on the icecap today. They described the day as "groundhog day" because it felt like a repeat of yesterday. They were graced with the same great weather (calm winds, -20C, low contrast that cleared throughout the day) and followed the same pacing system as before although, they skied one nautical mile farther today than yesterday...

Blog "Sastrugi"

Sastrugi are frozen waves of snow on the ground, created by the relentless winds on the polar plateau. To a skier they are speed bumps. A major hassle.

Settling Into Expedition Life and Riddles

The team made another great push toward the pole today, traveling 8 nautical miles over 6 hours. They woke up to overcast conditions that lasted throughout their time on trail, but after making camp the blue sky began to break through again. Everyone is getting used to the rhythm of the trail; Wake up, eat, ski, eat, ski, eat, ski, make camp, eat, sleep...


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