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Blog "Sastrugi"

Sastrugi are frozen waves of snow on the ground, created by the relentless winds on the polar plateau. To a skier they are speed bumps. A major hassle.

Settling Into Expedition Life and Riddles

The team made another great push toward the pole today, traveling 8 nautical miles over 6 hours. They woke up to overcast conditions that lasted throughout their time on trail, but after making camp the blue sky began to break through again. Everyone is getting used to the rhythm of the trail; Wake up, eat, ski, eat, ski, eat, ski, make camp, eat, sleep...

A Bluebird Day in Antarctica

Today the team woke up to sunny bluebird skis with barely any breeze! An ideal day on the icecap. Temperatures were hovering around -5F all day and the good weather is still holding as of this evening. The team put in a good distance of 8 nautical miles over a 6 hr 15 min period of travel, and everyone is feeling much stronger.

Getting Used to the Altitude

The team had a great first day skiing Southward. The plan was to make today a half-day and they stuck to the plan, traveling for 3 hours and 45 minutes. During that time, they made 4.5 nautical miles of progress South. The reason for the half-day is acclimatization. It is common to feel the effects of the high altitude (roughly 10k feet or 3050m).

Half way there!

Congratulations to our South Pole Last Degree team for reaching their half way point! Only 30 nautical miles left!


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