"Absolutely would recommend their training to anyone interested in polar travel or anyone trying to build up a tolerance to the cold."

Tony R.

"The experience was really well organized! Despite all the adaptations due to covid I felt like everyday was well structured."

Evan B.

 We'd like to introduce you to our 2020 North Pole Last Degree Teams! These international teams will kick off their various expeditions on April 6 and April 15 in Longyearbyen, Norway. Check back again soon as more teams and participants will be added. Make sure to bookmark our blog to read the daily updates and listen to the daily audio dispatches!

North Pole Last Degree Expedition Teams

Arne Christensen Denmark
   I'm 65 years old and have been blind for the last 40 years. I'm a dedicated skier and will be the first blind man to ski to the North Pole. I am determined to inspire other blind people and change sighted people's view on what blind people can
Claus Geleff Denmark
   My name is Claus Geleff, Im 51 and from Denmark. My whole life I have had a passion for skiing and going to the Northpole is a dream of mine. Im going with Arne who is blind. I have been guiding him since 1991.
Ege Heckmann Denmark
   My name is Ege Heckmann, im an 34 year old filmproducer from Denmark. I
have honestly never really thought about going to the Northpole before I got the possibility of going on this trip. But now I love the idea and I really look forward to the challenges - both the physical challenges and the film technical issues atrip like this gives.
Eric Lillstrom USA
   Eric came to Polar Explorers with an extensive, well-rounded background in a wide variety of  outdoor skills. His real strengths lie in his teamwork and problem-solving abilities. His empathetic nature and fun personality are put to good use helping our polar teams reach their  goals. Eric is an avid backpacker, bow-hunter, and fisherman. His advice is, “Take every  opportunity offered to enjoy nature. Experiencing the outdoors is what keeps us grounded and  allows us to appreciate our day-to-day lives.” His favorite expedition? North Pole Last Degree  Ski.


Team 90 North  
Jim Lumberg USA
  I am from Chicago and have been happily married for 26 years and have two wonderful daughters.  Over the past many years I have pursued a passion big adventures and have kept my sights fixed on completion of the Explorer’s Grand Slam.   Sometimes I am asked why I am pursuing the Explorer’s Grand Slam and it is hard to offer an entirely rational and straightforward explanation.  I simply offer that for me the project provides opportunities for personal growth, extraordinary experiences of all sorts, and is part of my pursuit to live a full and adventurous life.
Stuart Erskine Canada
  I am 53 years old and live in Edmonton, Canada with my partner and our four daughters and one son. I am hoping to reach the North Pole and complete my Explorer's Grand Slam.
John Reamer USA
  I am 54 years old and I have three children.  I live in Minnesota and work as a Financial Advisor.  I look forward to meeting all of the others on this trip!
John Gluckman New Zealand

I am an adventurer who likes to discover untouched and pristine destinations I have climbed the 7 highest peaks on every continent (starting with Mt. Vinson in 1990) so I have seen life from a different perspective. I am a cancer survivor and I have never let that hold me back. Most recently I have skied across the Greenland Icecap (May 2018) and the South Pole Last Degree (January 2019).I am really looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying the excitement of the North Pole!

Eirliani Rahman Singapore

Eirliani is Executive Director of YAKIN (Youth, Adult survivors & Kin In Need), a not-for-profit she co-founded with Assoc Prof Daniel Fung, Chairman, Medical Board of the Singapore Institute of Mental Health to help child victims and adult survivors of child sexual abuse. She is concurrently Program Director at the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation US.

Audrey Cadwallader USA
Coming soon... Coming soon...
Annie Aggens - Guide USA
   Annie Aggens loves the polar regions and gets to talk about them every day as director of PolarExplorers. She has guided multiple expeditions to the North Pole, South Pole, Greenland and Iceland. She is the author of the Encyclopedia of Outdoor and Wilderness Skills and often lectures about polar history and expedition travel. Her role as polar guide allows her to teach people  about the effects of climate change on the Arctic and polar regions. Favorite tent pastime? Playing her "guitarita" and having poetry slams. She is on the board of the International Polar Guide Association.
Taylor Sweitzer - Guide USA
   Taylor Sweitzer first traveled to the North Pole when he was only 9 years old then came back at age 15 to become the then youngest person to ski the last degree to the Pole. He's also climbed six of the "seven summits". But you would never know this from talking with him. He is humble, soft spoken and more interested in other people's experiences. Taylor has guided at both Poles, Greenland, Iceland, and around the world. You'll enjoy his tendency to celebrate the best parts of any situation and he is quicker than lightning to lend a hand whenever one is needed. 



Team Nanook  
Rob Scott UK
  I am somewhere in my late 40s and have been an avid traveller for most of those years, having visited 168 countries so far. Given my name, I figured I should probably add the South and North Pole to that list. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, but having lived in Europe for the past 20 years, I thought I needed to get back to my roots and just make sure that -30 wasn't so bad.  By profession, I work in the world of central banking and am currently based in London, UK.
Tom Dodd-Noble UK

I live in London and Oxfordshire, previous endurance challenges have been fully powered, 4 x Les Mans 24 hour race and many more long distance races. I have my own IT business and property development company. It has taken about 10 years to get this trip to happen and after last years disappointed more than ready to get going. Harry and Sam my sons are going make sure we all get to the North Pole!"

Roger D'eschambault Canada
  Roger is a French Canadian, living in Quebec, Canada. Roger founded dElta Benefits consulting firm in Montreal in 1998, and dElta Human Resources consulting in 2005. Much like his father and grandfather did in St Boniface Manitoba, Roger has ensured that supporting his surrounding communities stays a priority. He is currently the VP of Ducks Unlimited Canada board, and has also sponsored dozens of charities, in areas of health, and youth through his company’s annual employee assisted fundraising events. Roger is an avid road cyclist, and is passionate about history, the outdoors and exploration, has solo canoed several times across the high arctic and the Yukon as well as having reached the South Pole.

He produces the world`s best maple syrup, on his 10,000 tree maple farm in the eastern townships of Quebec, where they are a certified ORGANIC producer. His dark, rich REBELLE maple syrup has been to the South Pole, and Mount Vinson and may soon be served on the North Pole! He has been married to Renee Lou for over 25 years and has 3 children and one new grandson (and 2 great Labradors).

Harry Dodd-Noble UK
  I’m Harry, 34, born and bred in London, England. Currently working in technology I used to work in film and have a feature film coming out this year. I love skiing but hate being cold so I’m excited and nervous for the task ahead! I’m used to challenges having cycled solo from Rome to Paris to London when I was younger, as well as trekking through the Sinai desert for four weeks, and spending two weeks in the Belize Jungle with the army when I was at school.
Sam Dodd-Noble UK
  Hi my name is Sam, I'm 24 and live and work in London. I've been looking forward to this trip with my dad and brother for the best part of 7 years. It's my first arctic trip and may be the first of many. Can't wait!
Jimmy Byrd USA

I am a 59 year old Texan, father of 2 amazing daughters and 5 wonderful grandchildren (2 sets of twins!) and I currently reside in Austin, Texas.

I love everything outdoors, and some examples are: summited Mt. Rainier, Kilimanjaro, and Island Peak (Himalayas), trekked to Machu Picchu, accomplished the Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim in 18 hours, and skied to the South Pole in Antarctica in 2019.

I’m an avid fisher, hunter, golfer, and hiker, and executive of a multi-national firm.

Coming soon... Coming soon...
Nick Sander USA
Coming soon... Coming soon...
Keith Heger - Guide USA
   Keith Heger is a master at navigating rubble zones and he is famous for cooking up delicious fajitas après ski. He has guided more than a dozen North Pole, South Pole and Greenland Crossing expeditions. Keith is a gear head, he loves to talk about gizmos and gadgets relating to polar travel. You just might find him testing out the newest piece of kit during an expedition. In his free time you'll find him SUP boarding with his two sons or teaching them how to ski.


Team Polaris  
Elie Khoury France
  I am the CEO of global marketing communications company and currently live in Dubai. I have climbed some Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp and very much looking forward to this adventure.
Dani Afouni Lebanon
  I am 38 years old from lebanon attempting to finish the explorers grand slam. I live in Dubai and work in the food and beverage industry. So far I have finished 5 from the top 7 summits, the north pole marathon, the 777 continents marathon, the associate marathon grandslam, Everest marathon and many ultra marathons and triathlons.
Fadi Chamat Lebanon
  Born in Lebanon, live in Dubai, just turned 40 and discovered my love for adventure and extreme expeditions. Skiing across the North pole is my 2nd – after Elbrus – and hoping to accomplish more in the near future with my Omnicom team mates.
Kaya Khoury France
  I am 22 years old and doing this expedition with my dad, for charity (http://www.in-visible.org/) . I live in London with my two sisters and work at Farfetch. I've never done anything quite like this before but I love a bit of a challenge :)
Nadim Samara Lebanon
  Hello, I'm a 40-year-old Lebanese/Canadian with outdoor-life being part of my DNA for almost the past 40 years. An avid scout for almost half my life and have experienced Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp and Elbrus, and along the way have amassed enough mileage under my feet to fully appreciate the various experiences from the Great Outdoors. The North Pole Last Degree is another life-changing experience I am enthusiastically looking forward to. I try to balance my passion for the outdoors with my passion for my personal life (an amazing wife and 3 awesome kids) and for my professional life as well (15 awesome media agency offices across MENA).
Oscar Asly Lebanon
  Extreme sports and outdoor enthusiast. Always looking for new thrills & adventures. 
I work in the banking industry and most recently co-founded LastSeat the first travel app to bid on airline tickets. I believe that travel is the best education one can get and try to visit at least 1 new country every year.
Andrew Leary - Guide USA
   Andrew came to Polar Explorers with an extensive background of guiding groups in the outdoors. He is an incredibly gifted educator and has a knack for being able to relay technical skills and concepts to anyone he's with. His calm, friendly demeanor makes him a hit with just about everyone. Andrew's day job is developing youth curriculum for Leave No Trace, the most widely accepted outdoor ethics program in the USA. When not on an expedition, you'll find Andrew instructing mountaineering courses for the University of Utah, ski touring in the Rockies and entertaining his highly energetic dog named Benny.
Chris Paustian - Guide USA
   Chris Paustian loves the cold and always prefers to be on the water, even if it's frozen. During winter storms Chris likes to play "surf & turf", that's an hour of surfing the swells of the Pacific followed by an hour of skiing. He loves to share his passion for the outdoors with other adventurers, especially in the Arctic. If you like spicy food, be sure to sit near Chris at mealtimes. He is the official PolarExplorers hot sauce thaw-master. When he's not on expedition, you can find Chris kayaking, paddleboarding and surfing in the vicinity of Seattle, WA regardless of wind, rain or snow.

If you are enjoying these blogs check out our North Pole Last Degree Ski Expedition and North Pole Dogsled Expedition pages. 

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