Today the team flew back to the Union Glacier Basecamp after a fun night at the South Pole. Flying back is a relaxing, reflective time. With the White Continent stretching out below the frosted windows of the plane, and the hum of the propellers creating soothing background noise, the polar plateau fades away into almost a dream-like memory. But the hardships of the journey, the moments of excitement, the laughs and necessary motivation to put one foot in front of the next, all day every day, will stay with each member of the team forever.

Back at Union Glacier there was time for further celebration which is easy when there are buffet style meals and never ending hot water (already melted!). Brief showers with melted snow are additional cause for excitement.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Dean, Zdenek and Martin are scheduled to return to Punta Areans. Brian and Keith will continue on to Mt. Vinson, where they will take their first steps toward the summit. We want to thank everyone for following the Last Degree Expedition blog. We hope you will stick around for Mt. Vinson!

Make sure to listen to Dean's audio dispatch and check back again tomorrow for a dispatch from Brian and Keith.

UG bikes

(The Union Glacier Basecamp)

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