PolarExplorers Custom Expeditions

Let PolarExplorers create a custom expedition to satisfy your individual adventure dreams.

Do you want to go to the North Pole with your family? The South Pole with a group of friends? Do you want to organize a continuing education program for your peers at one of the coolest places on the planet? How about getting married at the ends of the Earth? Or making a movie?

PolarExplorers has a long history of accommodating special requests and producing custom expeditions. Contact us to get started on your custom adventure here.



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Here are your PolarExplorers Forms. To register please complete and return the PolarExplorers Application. We will send you an invoice for your deposit.

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Toll-Free USA/CAN. 800.732.7328

Email Us
Phone 1.847.256.4409
Toll-Free USA/CAN. 800.732.7328