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The North Pole, and the pack ice that surrounds it at top of the world, is unlike any other destination on the planet. It's exciting, beautiful, unpredictable, and always rewarding. Whether you wish to travel by helicopter, ski or dogsled, whether you want to spend one day or the better part of a month en route, we have the perfect expedition for you. With over 26 years of experience guiding over 100 polar expeditions we can help you turn your polar dream into reality. Join us as an individual or as a group; on a scheduled expedition or a bespoke adventure. Give us a call or send us a message and start your planning today!


Full North Pole Ski
North Pole Dogsled
Last Degree Ski
Half Degree Ski
Ski the last 10K
North Pole Flights


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Email Us
Phone 1.847.256.4409
Toll-Free USA/CAN. 800.732.7328