South Pole Expeditions

Antarctica: the coldest, driest and wildest continent

There's no doubt that Antarctica is an extreme frontier. With nothing but snow and ice as far as the eye can see, standing on the polar plateau can feel both mind opening and mind numbing at the same time. But that's just one of Antarctica's many faces. There's also stunning mountain ranges, sweeping valleys and broad glaciers. And of course there is the South Pole, home to the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station. Whether you want to take the scenic or the direct route, whether you want a simple journey or significant expedition we can lead you on this adventure of a lifetime. Contact us to start your planning today. 

South Pole

Full South Pole Ski

A magnificent polar challenge. Our Full South Pole Ski Expedition skis from the edge of the contintent to the South Pole. Ski the Messner Route or contact us with your preferred route to the Pole. 

Last Degree Ski

Our most popular South Pole expedition. The Last Degree Ski Expedition traverses the polar plateau from 89 degrees south to 90 degrees south (the Geographic South Pole). High, dry, cold and white are four words that describe this expedition. It's an exciting challenge and a completely different experience than the North Pole last degree. 

South Pole Flights

Fly to the South Pole and discover Antarctica! You'll spend time in the beautiful Heritage Range of mountains near Union Glacier as well as time at the South Pole, where a plateau of snow and ice extends as far as the eye can see in any direction. 

Mount Vinson

Climb Mount Vinson, Antarctica's highest mountain. Offered in combination with our South Pole Last Degree Ski Expedition. You'll ski to the South Pole first and arrive at Mount Vinson acclimatized to the altitude and the cold, and ready ascend this beautiful mountain.