"Absolutely would recommend their training to anyone interested in polar travel or anyone trying to build up a tolerance to the cold."

Tony R.

"The experience was really well organized! Despite all the adaptations due to covid I felt like everyday was well structured."

Evan B.

Of all the places we love in the world Svalbard is right up at the top of the list. It's an Arctic paradise with extensive glacier systems, sweeping valleys and beautiful fjords. Svalbard is actually a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean around 78° North latitude. The largest island, Spitsbergen, is our home away from home every April. It's our base for all of our North Pole expeditions and it's where we run one of our Polar Shakedown Trainings. It's also one of our favorite places to explore.

Come join us as we embark on a ski/sled expedition traversing some of the most beautiful parts of the island. Under the 24 hour sunlight of the Arctic spring we will traverse glaciers (they make up 60% of the Svalbard!) and make our way through the remarkable arctic terrain which is home to seabirds, reindeer, polar bear, arctic fox and various marine mammals.

As with all of our expeditions this is a "hands-on" experience. You'll be participating in all aspects of the expedition, including setting up camp, cooking, tracking our progress, etc. Give us a call (contact us page) and let us tell you more about what skills you should have prior to the expedition, and what skills we will be teaching you prior to our departure. 


  • Equipment List
  • Qualifications
  • Itinerary
  • Dates and Rates

Svalbard Ski Expedition: Equipment List

Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive PolarExplorers gear guide that explains the importance of each item as well as gear recommendations.

  • 1 pair skis and ski poles (supplied by PolarExplorers)
  • 1 pair skins (supplied by PolarExplorers)
  • 1 pair three pin snow pack ski boots
  • Sleeping bag rated to at least -35° Celsius (bring your own or let PolarExplorers supply this item)
  • Bivy sack (bring your own or let PolarExplorers supply this item)
  • 2 sleeping pads (PolarExplorers can supply one)
  • 1 wind anorak with hood 
  • 1 wind pants
  • 1 insulated parka with hood
  • 1 puffer style jacket and pants
  • 2 sets wool or synthetic underwear, medium weight top and bottom- 2nd set optional
  • 1 overmitt system (large water reistant mitten shells and removeable inner mittens)
  • 2 pair working gloves
  • 2 hats: 1 lightweight balaclava, 1 ski type
  • 2 neck gaiters
  • 3 pair socks and sock liners
  • 1 face mask
  • Several small stuff sacks
  • Sun glasses and/ or mountain ski glasses
  • 1 pr. anti-fog goggles
  • 1 sturdy small backpack with waist belt and sternum strap
  • 2 insulated water bottles (or 1 insulated water bottle and 1 insulated flask)
  • 1 set eating utensils 
  • 1 bowl with lid
  • Pocket knife / multi-tool
  • Personal toiletries
  • 1 pee bottle (small sturdy plastic bottle)
  • Face cream, lip protection
  • 4 carabiners
  • Luggage locks

Qualifications for Svalbard Ski Expedition

This expedition is for people who are in good shape and are eager to push themselves physically and mentally. The days can be long and the skiing, though not technically difficult requires that you maintain an appropriate pace.

You will need to have very good cardiovascular endurance and the ability to pull a sled (between 25-35 kilos) for several hours at a time. Towards the end of the day when we stop skiing, it is critical that you have the energy reserves to help with the group camp chores. Most importantly you need to be able to regulate your body temperature so that you do not get too cold, or too hot while you are on the move.

This expedition can encounter extreme conditions including high winds, limited visibility, snow, rain, and cold temperatures. Living in such conditions 24 hours a day can be very challenging. You do not have to be a world class athlete to participate in and enjoy this expedition, but every ounce of training and preparation will help to make the expedition more enjoyable and safer.

Svalbard Ski Expedition Daily Itinerary

Day 1

Meet in Longyearbyen. Review clothing & equipment. Evening welcome reception & prepare for departure. Night at hotel or guesthouse (not included).

Day 2

Depart for our starting location. Each route is chosen to maximize our time in Svalbard and is based on local conditions including sea ice. 

Day 3-6

Explore the beautiful glaciers, valleys and fjords that dominate this landscape. Camp each night. On the afternoon of day six return to Longyearbyen.

Day 7

End of exedition

This itinerary is highly dependent on a number of factors and is subject to change. Contact us for a more detailed itinerary!

Svalbard Ski Expedition Dates & Rates

Dates & Rates:

2021 Tentative Dates: April 29-May 5

2021 Tentative price: € 5,500 per person


Includes all group equipment, guide(s), permits, communication & safety gear.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone 1.847.256.4409
Toll-Free USA/CAN. 800.732.7328