PolarExplorers and the Full North Pole Expedition

One of the Greatest Challenges on Earth

To ski from the Canadian coast to the North Pole is one of the greatest challenges on Earth. From temperatures that barely register on the thermometer (-40 to -60 is possible!), to the constant struggle of moving across ice that is constantly in motion - everything about this expedition is tremendously difficult. At first, your progress may seem imperceptible. Yet each step forward is progress - unless, that is, the ice is drifting south as you head north.

This expedition has monumental behind-the-scenes logistics that make it almost impossible to pull off. To succeed you need more than loads of experience (think previous pack ice experience and several long distance cold weather expeditions under your belt). You also need the right personality, the right team mates, the right conditions, good weather and a whole lot of luck (not to mention significant funding...)

If you are interested in joining this expedition contact us for the latest details. You may also enjoy watching this video shot on day 52 of this expedition, about what it takes to get to that point.


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