Vatnajökull Glacier Crossing Daily Itinerary

Day 1

Meet in Reykjavik. Review clothing & equipment. Evening welcome reception.

Day 2

Early morning departure for Jokulheimar on the western edge of Vatnajökull. Start skiing in the afternoon.

Day 3-4

Skiing towards the Grimsvötn volcano, night in tent. Arrive at Grimsvötn caldera, night at the Grimsfall Hut (based upon availability).

Day 5

Layover day at the hut. Review glacial travel skills for the upcoming days. 

Day 6

Descend off the Grimsvötn caldera and change our course towards Hermannaskaro Pass.

Day 7

Continue towards Hermannaskaro Pass and assess weather for possible descent of the Breioamerkurjökull Glacier or ascent towards the Öræfajökull caldera.

Day 8

Descend the Breioamerkurjökull Glacier with it's surrounding peaks and nunatuks, or, make our way to the base of Hvanndalshnjúkur. 

Day 9

Final descent of the Breioamerkurjökull Glacier or ascent attempt of Hvanndalshnjúkur followed by the descent off the Öræfajökull caldera. Night spent in guesthouse accommodations near Skaftafell Park.

Day 10

Return to Reykjavik.

Day 11

End of expedition.


This itinerary is highly dependent on a number of factors and is subject to change. Contact us for a more detailed itinerary!