PolarExplorers Stewardship

We are ambassadors for the Polar Regions, and we take our job seriously.

Though seemingly hearty, rugged and even hostile, the Polar Regions are extremely fragile. With the North Pole at Ground Zero of global warming and frozen places everywhere feeling the heat of climate change there is reason for serious concern about the future of our planet. We want our children and our children's children to be able to explore these wild and remote places as we have. We want the frozen oceans to be rich with marine mammals that are indigenous to the high latitudes for generations to come.

We are a small company with big ambitions. A company that embodies the virtues of our guides and staff. For this reason we pledge to be educators and activists who will stand up for these places that have no voice of their own. And for as long as there are cold places we will be exploring them and inspiring intrepid adventurers from across the globe to live fully and care deeply about their world. 

Like a group of lively sled dogs we prefer to travel in a pack so grab your parka and a pair of warm boots and come join us for an adventure you will never forget!

PolarExplorers offsets the carbon footprint of our expeditions. Please join us by offsetting your personal travel.

Find out more about how to offset your own carbon emissions here.