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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 00:45

A Beautiful, Frigid Bluebird Day

Our Last Degree teams have had another successful day progressing toward the Pole. Temperatures dipped noticeably (-30°C this morning) as the cloud cover that had been keeping the temperatures up was swept away revealing an unmarked, vast blue sky. With colder temperatures comes shorter breaks during the day. While skiing, it's easy to stay warm, but once stopped, that body heat quickly dissipates. In addition, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your fingers warm and your goggles clear of frost. However, with 5 days behind them, the team handled these challenges with ease, accomplishing another full day of mileage (9-10 nautical miles) placing them only 18 nautical miles away from the pole.

Listen to the audio updates below for all of the energetic details from the team and visit PolarExplorers on Facebook to leave a question or comment for us to pass on to the team tomorrow!

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