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Saturday, 20 January 2018 04:09

Weathered Over at Vinson Base Camp

The team has been waiting for a weather window to fly out from Vinson Base Camp, but the weather has not cooperated yet. It snowed last night and the camp is still socked in by clouds, offering very little visibility. To entertain themselves, the team has been hanging out in their tents, eating a lot, and Annie devised a creative game to pass the time. The game was a version of Bozo Buckets, but instead of the buckets they used their empty expedition sleds, and in place of the balls (to throw in the buckets) they used their frozen-solid wag bags. (After so many days of activity, the boredom of a layover day brings out come pretty creative ways of passing the time.) Everyone is doing well and enjoying the opportunity to not have packs on their backs but are eager to start the journey home.

We'll keep you posted with the flight schedule as it develops. Listen to the audio update below for more details from the day.


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