Friday, 19 May 2017 21:03

Vatnajökull Expedition - Awesome day with some sledding

The team's current location is N 64° 14.737, W 016° 53.195. They had great weather today with minimal wind in the morning, then calm the remainder of the day. The temperature was around 20° F (by the way, yesterday's "below zero" temp was Celcius- it was around -10°C (14° F) whereas today was -6.7° C, 20° F). A lot of the day was downhill with areas large enough to sled down on their sleds (a bit of team competition arose per Eric Rutherford's audio update below...). They traveled 28 km in total. They enjoyed their dinner outside and had a fabulous evening. They reported clear skies with sunny views. They are well rested and ready for tomorrow.

Inside the Grimsfjall Hut on Vatnajokull

Cozy in the hut

Our outdoor kitchen on Vatnajokull

Eric sitting in the outdoor kitchen

Eric Rutherford's audio update for those following on mobile devices:
Hello, this is Eric Rutherford from the Polar Exploration Iceland Expedition. May 19th about 8:30. We left the Grimsfall Hut this morning around 9:45. We had a super fantastic day. This morning, I raced my friend Rob. We got on the sleds and were laughing like little kids. And then we had a beautiful day. We drank a lot and couldn't ask for a better time. May 19, 2017. We did about 28 km. Thank you\

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