Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:47

Union Glacier Ski Expedition

Join PolarExplorers on an unforgettable adventure steeped in austere and remote beauty on the great white continent. The Union Glacier is located in the Heritage Range, below the Ellsworth Mountains, and is home to the Blue Ice Runway and Union Glacier Basecamp (a logistics hub, supporting private expeditions and National Antarctic Programs.) READ MORE...

In the evenings at Union Glacier Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to attend lectures on a variety of Antarctic topics, and/or meet visiting scientists and learn about their current research projects.

Day excursions from the camp offer the opportunity to explore several of the stunning features in the surrounding area. The massive marble obelisk that is Elephant’s head is a hiker/photographer’s dream. Hiking all the way up to the top of Rhodes Bluff offers a spectacular view of the Heritage Range, and the shining, bright blue waves of the Drake Icefall are a must-see for anyone visiting Union Glacier.

For several days, our team will leave the luxury of the Base camp to explore the surrounding glacier and mountains on our own, in true PolarExplorers expedition style.


DAY 1 - Arrive in Punta Arenas. Gear check and pre-flight briefing. The fun begins!

DAY 2 - Weigh and transfer luggage to the airport for loading onto the plane.

DAY 3 - Weather permitting we'll fly to Antarctica.

DAY 4 - Spend the day at Union Glacier basecamp with opportunities for various day excursions.

DAY 5-8  Ski Expedition: We’ll depart from union glacier with loaded sleds, ready to explore the majesty surrounding Union Glacier basecamp. Days will be spent skiing across the vast snowscape, taking occasional breaks to stay hydrated and well fed. Evenings will find us relaxing in our tents and feasting on well-earned meals.(Approximately 8-10 miles per day) Upon arriving back at the Union Glacier Basecamp, we’ll enjoy hot showers, delicious meals, and hospitality that the camp is known for. (These dates are approximate, as everything (including flights and our progress skiing) depends on a variety of factors including weather conditions and group capabilities.)

DAY 9 - Weather permitting we'll depart for the return flight to Punta Arenas. The following morning head out to explore this beautiful region, or head to the airport for your flight.