Thursday, 19 April 2018 15:35

Team Fioretti Mountaineers Photos

A huge congratulations to Peter, Bob and Eric for arriving at the Pole yesterday after a long push on their last day. Because of their early arrival they were able to get a helicopter transfer back to the basecamp and fly back to Longyearbyen several days ahead of their scheduled return. The helicopter picked them up at 11 AM local time this morning and brought them back to the Barneo Basecamp. They spent 45 minutes in Barneo before flying back to Longyearbyen (ah, civilization!). Now they are the comfort of their hotels, with plans for a nice dinner this evening. Well done! Here are some pictures from the last day.

Below: Peter and Bob navigating some small rubble and a frozen lead as they close in on the Pole

Below: Eric with Peter and Bob in the background

Below: Peter and Bob on the MI-8 helicopter after getting picked up

Below: Peter, Bob and Eric back in Longyearbyen