Thursday, 19 April 2018 18:31

Last Degree Gets To Within Striking Distance, Team Fioretti Mountaineer's final post

The Last Degree Expedition (Peter Cardwell, Zdenek Chvoj, Abdulla Al Alahbabi, Harvey Oyer, Abdullah Alaeed and Keith Heger) had a great day. They gained 2 nautical miles overnight (we can't emphasize how nice that is!!!) and they made an additional 10 miles during the day. Their current position is N89.48.335, E127.46. Team Fioretti Mountaineers are back in Longyearbyen enjoying the civilized life! Here's a recap of each of their days:

Last Degree Ski Expedition:

They got out of camp earlier than any other day. That's the result of a few days of practice, increased efficiency and hard work. They had good conditions today with only a little rubble. This makes travel much faster and easier than having to continually go up and over ridges or take skis on and off. And no leads to divert around! The weather started out cold, crisp and wonderfully clear - a beautiful day. It has since clouded a little, similar to previous nights. They solved their discussion about how dial thermometers work, though no further information was given, so we can't be sure they got it right. Peter is providing dessert tonight (Peeps) and Keith claims that the only way to get any dessert is by beating Peter at a game of Connect Four. Apparently Peter is the best player, so he may be eating all the goodies. 

They are just about within striking distance of the Pole. Depending on their drift tonight, and conditions tomorrow they may, or may not, make it all the way to the Pole. Time will tell! We will be wishing them wind from the South (to push them north), tight ice (no leads), clear skies and big pans of ice. Listen to today's audio dispatch from the Connect Four King and deliverer of Peeps, Peter, by clicking here. Check back again tomorrow for another update!

Team Fioretti Mountaineers:

Peter (Fioretti), Bob and Eric are back in Longyearbyen and enjoying the comforts of civilization. We received this dispatch from them late yesterday - make sure to listen it's a GREAT recap of their final push to the Pole, followed by this dispatch to finish up the story. If you haven't seen the photos from yesterday check them out here. They wrapped things up nicely in their audio dispatch from tonight. Thanks Team Fioretti for being a wonderful team. It was our pleasure sharing the North Pole with you!

Below: That's Last Degree-er Peter Cardwell with the Connect Four game and his Peeps dessert. A special shout out to Joel Schauer for the hat!

Below: Good traveling conditions on the Polar Sea