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Thursday, 26 April 2018 03:30

The Svalbard Ski Expedition Begins

The Svalbard Ski Expedition has finally begun! After a delayed flight (due to a medical emergency on board) the team gathered in Longyearbyen and sorted out all of their equipment. When we heard from them, everyone had just had dinner together and went over the expedition itinerary.

The turnaround will be swift, as the team will leave Longyearbyen tomorrow morning. The first 40km leg will be by snowmobile, out of town to the starting point. From there the team will step into their skis and take the first of many strides across the Arctic landscape. Listen below to the audio update by Nick Stammers; it's obvious that this tightly knit team is going to have a lot of fun on the trail. 

April 25 Audio Update by Nick Stammers