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Monday, 21 May 2018 20:38

Shortened Day Due To Wind

It was a beautiful day today, but it was also a cold day and the wind just kept coming and coming (almost a direct headwind). It all started out OK with clear skies but as the wind picked up the ground visibility went down, and with temperatures hovering around 0° F the windchill was REALLY cold.

Around 1:45 PM the team decided to throw in the towel. It was just too hard to manage their hands and faces, and visibility had gone down the drain. They made a valiant 17 kms before stopping and they are now comfortable in their tents. The forecast does not look good for tomorrow. Increased winds and the potential for snow. Sounds like a recipe for a very good ground blizzard. We suspect they won't move, but they will make that call based on the conditions they have. Heather describes the day below:

May 21st. Soul breaking. Left camp a bit ahead of schedule and pushed down the gut of a steady 40 kph headwind with higher gusts. Greenland looked like my worst 70’s disco dry ice nightmare extravaganza memory, with blowing snow to knee and mid thigh, giving the appearance of ‘constant ground in motion’. 
We did 3 pushes and then called it. 17.1 km, 8005 feet elevation (when is the ** damn top???). Hard to describe temperature. Likely -15 and with windchill -?40?? Set camp, all hands on deck, one tent at a time, given wind, and now safely tucked in. All fingers and toes accounted for.  Dogs are seemingly impervious! Julius and Salo stayed within visual contact throughout the day, though as I got tired they began to look more and more like a mirage.

Listen to today's audio dispatch from Ian

Below: All covered up!