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Tuesday, 22 May 2018 19:29

Another Day, Another Storm

We thought this might happen, but it's not all bad. Another storm day. Strong winds, cold temperatures and low visibility all combine to keep out teams in their tents today.

They are sorry not to be moving, but with the wind howling outside and the cold temperatures threatening to creep past all their layers, they are happy to be in the tents. John and Heather taught Eric how to play bridge. Meanwhile Ian and Dale make skirts to drape from below their goggles to cover their noses and chins. Heather and John also made these, at least that's how it sounds. The forecast for tomorrow is much better and the team will be on the move again. 

Heather writes: 

May 22nd. Much needed rest 
We had a layover due to bad weather again (snow and high wind, zero visibility). Timing was ideal for a much needed rest, addressing polar hack (cough due to dry cold air), mild cold injury and muscle fatigue. Did some arts and crafts - well Dale and Ian did, under Taylor’s quality control and my sarcasm, helping reinforce a shield down from the goggles to protect our faces from wind/cold (sewing and duct tape involved). 
John, Eric and I had bridge 101 - Eric picking up the game likety split quick. Fun way to pass the afternoon. 
We are still sorting all the logistics of the next 270 km left to Isortoq and then Tasilaq, and then Kulusuk to catch flights to Reykjavik (there may only be one flight per week!). We have 11 days of dog food left and of course our food etc, and we are hostage to the weather temperament of Greenland (not nice so far). 
Julius and Salo have been on the ice since April 26th and had those huge weather delays trying to get to us. Isortoq is Salo’s home. But Julius comes from a village of 100 souls further north up the Eastern Coast. The North Pole ice will prevent his ability to boat home and he will have to come back up the glacier taking a long way round, down a fjord to get home. He will hunt seal to feed himself and the dogs for that leg of his journey. 
Planning to ski tomorrow weather permitting, fingers crossed. What an adventure!!!

Below: And there she is the author of fabulous blog entries from the icecap - Heather Ross! It looks like she's comfortably in her sleeping bag, enjoying a quesadilla and using her hot drink mug as a plate. We love it!