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Friday, 25 May 2018 02:13

Making Progress - Another 37 km

The team made great progress today, putting 37 km behind them. The weather was a little of everything. Cloudy, snowy, a little sun, always the wind.

They took turns in different positions: skiing out front, skijouring behind the sled and hitching a ride on the sled. Everyone ended the day with some energy to spare, unlike previous days where they were so beat all they could think about was getting in the tent. The weather forecast for the coming days is more of the same. We are willing them some calm sunny days, but it hasn't worked so far! Everyone is doing well and finding ways to enjoy the challenges (along with a few curses every now and then no doubt!). 

Heather writes:

May 24th. Uphill both ways. I kid you not. S’truth, honest.....well ok I get that it’s impossible but it sure looks and feels that way!
We did just under 38 km. 7678 feet elevation. -10 Celsius. Everything- snow, whiteout, sun, headwind. But a brilliant result. 
Camp life is a 615 am start. Granola for brekkie. Melting snow for the days fluid. Out of tent at 8 am. Take it down, pack the sleds and start skiing around 830. 
Once we’re done we do it in reverse. Put up the tent, hot drink, boil lots of water for drinking and food, eat dinner and crawl into your bag and crash. But this is a 5-star tent resort and I get 2, count em, 2 hot water bottles for my sleeping bag every night. 
A ‘throne’ and it’s surrounding wall is dug out each evening, not so much for privacy (we got past that around day 3), but to provide a wind barrier. No one wishes to frostbite their nether-regions!!
Really cold day expected tomorrow about -25.

Listen to today's very special audio dispatch from Heather with birthday greetings to Dale's wife, Margaret! Happy Birthday!

Below: That's Salo and the vast expanse of the icecap behind him

Below: A good back scratch in the snow.