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Monday, 28 May 2018 02:21

Better Than Yesterday, But Still Hard

It was another tough day on the Greenland icecap. It was made that way mostly by the fresh, deep snow. The visibility was terrible again but towards the afternoon they got some breaks with a little sunshine. Oh what a sight!

Everyone is skiing. It’s a massive struggle for the dogs to pull the sleds in this snow, even with six skiers ahead breaking trail. Everyone is relishing the R&R time in their tents. On the menu tonight, at least for Heather and Eric is spicy Thai chicken noodles. They are prepping for a long day tomorrow but the weather should be better, and that goes a long way towards making things easier (or at least more enjoyable!)

Heather writes: May 27th. Snow cubed redux
Skied 33k for a net of 31.5. Altitude 6050 ft. 12 inches of snow overnight. Thigh deep when not on skis, 6-12 inches deep on skis. Tough lead work breaking trail (Eric and Tay). Thanks for that!!
Weather was the same to start, like skiing through a giant marshmallow miasma (yes I wrote that). In fact only Benjamin Moore has more shades of white than Greenland. We saw them all today. The irony was not lost on me when the Beach Boys came up on my iPod random shuffle. Little deuce coupe, really??
In any case the weather cleared around noon and we had a few hours of sun. Then it closed off again as we finished our 6th push of skiing. Camp is set. Everyone pretty shattered. Same again tomorrow...

Group shot from today- notice the completely white background

 Listen to today's audio dispatch from Heather