Friday, 01 June 2018 17:00

Greenland Weather Strikes Again!

The team left Tasiilaq this morning on a short helicopter flight to the airport at Kulusuk. They were scheduled to fly to Reykjavik, Iceland a couple hours later.

Once they arrived at the airport they learned that plane they were scheduled to fly on to Reykjavik had to be turned back to Reykjavik due to fog in Kulusuk. Rats! Just when you think your are all done with Greenland's fickle weather it sneaks up and bites you one last time. The good news is that the team is now in clean clothes, which they picked up at the airport today. They had them shipped from Kangerlussuaq just prior to the start of the expedition. It is a GREAT feeling to have on fresh clothes after wearing the same thing for over 20 days!

They are staying at a hotel near the Kulusuk Airport. The actual town of Kulusuk is a short distance away. It's not as big as Tasiilaq with just under 300 people calling it home. 

The plan is to depart on tomorrow's flight to Reykjavik. The weather looks better and our finger's are crossed! We will post more as it is received, so check back again!

Below: That's Kulusuk!