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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 03:06

The Expedition Begins

This New Year's day has been one of excitement and apprehension for our team in Punta Arenas. The team spent New Year's eve finishing gear checks and sorting all of their group kit before celebrating the ringing in of the New Year with fireworks on the waterfront. Today, the guys had their pre-flight briefing with the other travelers who will be joining them on their flight to the white continent. Tomorrow the team's gear will be picked up and taken to the plane for loading and they will have their first update on the flight schedule which is looking good at this time... READ MORE

They are scheduled to make the flight to Antarctica on January 3rd to finally begin their long awaited ski expedition across the Last Degree of latitude to the South Pole. Click the link below to listen to the audio update from Keith Heger outlining their last two days.

Audio Update Featuring Keith Heger

Here is a photo of the team in front of the iconic memorial to Ferdinand Magellan in the town square. From Left to Right we have John Gluckman (NZ), Steve Moulds (USA, Jim Lumberg (USA, and Jim Holliday (USA). Please look for regular updates from the expedition by 8PM CST each evening.