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Monday, 07 January 2019 00:58

Getting Acclimatized on the Last Degree

The team had an excellent first full day on the ice today. As planned, they took the pace slow and skied for just under 5 hours covering 5 nautical miles, allowing several hours for rest and acclimatization in the afternoon. The weather has been stunning. -8°F in the sun this morning with a light wind from the South and mostly clear skies. After their afternoon naps, the guys gathered together for a dinner of whitefish, veggies, and pasta then settled down for the evening...READ MORE

It will be a full day of skiing tomorrow with a goal of travelling 7 nautical miles. Listen to the AUDIO UPDATE for Keith's details from the day!

January 6th Audio Update: Featuring Keith Heger

Photo from SP Last Degree 2017 by Eric Lillstrom