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Saturday, 05 January 2019 01:21

Another Day at Union Glacier

It has been another day of waiting for our Last Degree team, but not a day spent idly. The conditions were not favorable for a flight to the Last Degree so the team took advantage of the opportunity to explore the area surrounding Union Glacier Camp. They packed their sleds and skied out for a mock camp set-up where they set up tents, tested stoves, and melted some water. Back in camp, they had a nice bike ride around camp (yes the camp has a supply of bikes!) and overall enjoyed the experiences that Union Glacier has to offer. The tentative schedule for tomorrow is to fly to the Last Degree after breakfast! At that point 60 nautical miles of adventure will be standing between them and the bottom of the globe. Stay tuned for more updates and as always, listen to the AUDIO UPDATE below. 

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