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Friday, 04 December 2015 15:40

Arrow Glacier Camp

 Today the team woke up to 1/2 inch of light snow at Lava Camp (elevation ~4600m). They hiked 90 minutes with warming temperatures through mist and light rain up to the Arrow Glacier Camp (elevation ~4900m). When we spoke with the team they had eaten an early dinner and were getting to bed early for an early morning start. Tomorrow the team will ascend about 1000m up the Western Breach and into the Crater where they will camp tomorrow night.

 "Korbinian Kiesl, from Aaron Glacier camp reporting today on December 4th. We are on our way with the "Gorillas in the mist team." Yeah. We had quite a short walk today from the Lava Tower camp up to here the weather was not the best, never the less we are getting close and we had a good chance to see already the last task and we are quite positive to make it up the last 1000 meters. We will get up tomorrow morning quite early, so we had dinner a little bit earlier than usual. Greetings to all the families of the Gorillas in the mist team, and everybody's fine Nobody has so far any problems, and we are all on the on track especially Oliver he's on the Autobahn yeah. Our local team built Oliver a special Autobahn, and he will reveal that later alright. Everyone is good except team Gorillas in the mist  was refused the "ropa" today, and they're not happy about it. Hopefully at the summit. Ciao for now."


Thursday, 03 December 2015 16:15

Up to Lava Camp

The team moved up to Lava Camp today at an elevation of 4500 meters. 

The day began clear and crisp with frost on the ground and tents. As they climbed clouds rolled in and they are again under overcast skies with snow forecasted. The hike took 4 hours and included a side hike to summit the Lava Tower itself. These side hikes aid in acclimatization and offer the team a chance to move together seeking that high point. As we spoke the team was preparing for dinner. Everyone is in good spirits and reported 10 out of 10 on the Fun Meter!
Stay tuned for more updates on the team! 
Here are two audio updates from Alexander and Oliver.
"Hi this is Alexander Rittweger reporting in from Shira 2 Camp on day 4. Lava tower camp sorry, on day 4 on the expedition of the **** Group. And before you start listening to this, may I drop the comment that our wives complained that the blog was so short that they didn't bother looking at it again. So please transcribe ever single word I say from now on. Thank you very much. Today was a great day, and um, it started with a fantastic sunny morning with breakfast in front of Kilimanjaro Mountain and after that we trekked for roughly 5 hours up to an altitude of roughly 4,600 meters which would translate into 15,000 feet approximately. We then had lunch and climbed the Lava Tower. Um, special events of the day were obviously the climbing of the Lava Tower in the rain which made it quite slippery and I would say there was a 3+/4- climb which made it very interesting, um no ropes attached. On our arrival at the campsite we were greeted by a fantastic dance which lasted for something like 30 minutes and squeezed the remaining oxygen out of our lungs. Second amazing event was how awesome our friend Oliver Berger used the portable toilet. Today the record stands at 7 and counting. We shall continue to report on this. Thank you and have a great evening."
Hello, my name is Oliver from lovely Munich which you may know from the famous Beerfest, we call it Oktoberfest, and it is one of the most lovely towns in the world and you should com to see it. First of all "ha ha" I have to do a little touristic promotion. I call from the Lava Tower camp at 4,700m altitude and I would like to describe to you our day which started at 6:30am, almost frozen ground and some ice on the tents which is a bit horrible when you wake up in your sleeping bag. We managed to start at the right time because at 7:30am we had a wonderful sunrise in Shira 2 camp so I could even wash my hair in the sun which is an exception. Normally it is too cold out there and I had this opportunity and it was just fantastic. And then we started our walk up to Lava Tower camp which took us a bit more than 5 hours through wonderful landscapes turning from some trees turning into really a bit like the moon so we expected the aliens coming around the corner to catch us but "ha ha ha" we were fortunate they did not come. Then we arrived at the Lava Tower camp to have a nice little lunch right were we have a soup master cook so Rick organized the world championship of soup cooking. Every soup we received was just delicious and I have to mention it because it was just exceptional. After lunch we made a little break and then climbed Lava Tower which is really a challenge because it is a steep rock without any plants on it. On the descent it started raining which made it even a bit more complicated climbing down if to be honest a bit much more difficult and a bit more dangerous than climbing up. I don't know from where it comes. But we made it, nobody got injured and we were quite happy to have taken the challenge today. Now it is half past 6 and dinner will be served in within some minutes and I think we have another great day, a challenging day because we did some hundred meters of altitude today..."
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 16:55

Beautiful day on the Shira Plateau

Today the team reports beautiful weather and incredible scenery on the Shira Plateau. After a good night's rest (no rain!) the team had breakfast and started the day with a dance and song from the porters (the team is supported by a team of 25 porters!) Afterwards they had a leisurely hike to see the Shira Cathedral before ending at Shira Camp 2. With clear skies the summit dome presented itself in all its vigor. They are at 3,600 meters. The plan tomorrow is to move up to Lava Towers with almost 2000 meters of elevation gain! Rest up team that's a huge increase on today's total.

Listen to today's update from Philip and make sure to check back again tomorrow for another update from the team.

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 17:40

Arrived at the Shira Plateau

The team reported in today that successfully reached the Shira Plateau where they will spend the night. Their elevation is 3600 M (11,100 ft). The day started out with a beautiful sun rise before the rain returned. Despite being wet everyone is in good spirits and the dining tent is filled with good conversation and laughter.

Monday, 30 November 2015 18:10

Team Kili on the Mountain

PolarExplorers guide Rick Sweitzer is again back in the field. This time he is guiding  North Pole and South Pole alum Alex Rittweger along with Alex's friends Korbinian Kiesl, Oliver Berger and Philip Schroeder on an ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Friday, 11 September 2015 14:56

9 Questions About Spending the Night at 90N

A Night at the North Pole with PolarExplorers

In April 2016 PolarExplorers will forge into it's 23rd season of offering North Pole Flights to intrepid travelers from around the world. With the North Pole at the epi-center of international policy and scientific studies spending a night at the North Pole has never been more exciting. We caught up with PolarExplorers guide Eric Lillstrom to ask him 9 questions about overnighting at 90 degrees North.

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