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Friday, 20 April 2018 23:18

The North Pole!!

A HUGE congratulations (!!) to our North Pole Last Degree Ski Expedition for reaching the North Pole today despite very challenging conditions. They reached the North Pole at 8:53 PM local time after spending 12 hours on the go and covering a total of 15-16 miles. The team (Abdullah Alsaeed, Peter Cardwell, Abdulla Al Alahbabi, Zdenek Chvoj, Harvey Oyer and Keith Heger) are thrilled to have reached their goal. Here's a quick update of their day:

The Last Degree Expedition (Peter Cardwell, Zdenek Chvoj, Abdulla Al Alahbabi, Harvey Oyer, Abdullah Alaeed and Keith Heger) had a great day. They gained 2 nautical miles overnight (we can't emphasize how nice that is!!!) and they made an additional 10 miles during the day. Their current position is N89.48.335, E127.46. Team Fioretti Mountaineers are back in Longyearbyen enjoying the civilized life! Here's a recap of each of their days:

Thursday, 19 April 2018 15:35

Team Fioretti Mountaineers Photos

A huge congratulations to Peter, Bob and Eric for arriving at the Pole yesterday after a long push on their last day. Because of their early arrival they were able to get a helicopter transfer back to the basecamp and fly back to Longyearbyen several days ahead of their scheduled return. The helicopter picked them up at 11 AM local time this morning and brought them back to the Barneo Basecamp. They spent 45 minutes in Barneo before flying back to Longyearbyen (ah, civilization!). Now they are the comfort of their hotels, with plans for a nice dinner this evening. Well done! Here are some pictures from the last day.

It was a whirlwind of a day, especially for our North Pole Fliers who made a mad dash to the North Pole (and back) all in one day - not much sleep for them! Our skiers, on the other hand, got a good night's rest and had the added bonus of waking up a little farther north than where they had fallen asleep. Here's an update from each team:

The top of the world is a dynamic place. Ice is drifting and shifting, temperatures fluctuate, visibility comes and goes, and logistics change. We had a little of each of these today with our three North Pole teams. Here's a recap of each team:

With blue skies and no wind today was a beautiful day on the pack ice at the top of the world. Cold, yes, (-25 F, -30 C) but not as cold as yesterday, and the temperatures seem to be warming. Here are updates from our teams:

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