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Sunday, 16 April 2017 23:46

North Pole 10 K & Last Degree - Reaching the Pole and making progress

The 10 K ski team reached the North Pole after traveling 16 km (fickle Polar ice being what it is...).  They arrived late Saturday evening and spent the night at the North Pole.  They encountered various conditions throughout the day but were ecstatic to reach the Pole.  They were picked up by helicopter Sunday and flew back to Barneo, then on to Longyearbyen.

The 3 ski last degree ski teams (Team Cool Running led by CP and Taylor, Team Polaris led by Annie and Eric, and Team Yellow led by Keith and Andrew) all made good progress, all camping at N 89° 23, E 108, 107 and 105.67 respectively.  Conditions were good today with some pressure ridges, rubble fields, mix of sun and overcast, minimal wind, -18° C temps but no open water.

Team Polaris called in their report but not an audio update.  They shared that they had a nice day, with temps around -18°C.  Their current position is N 89° 23 and E 107°.    It was rather warm and still, there was some contrast as the sun was in and out.  They traveled 8 hours and generally had good conditions.  They had some pressure ridges but no open water, winds were calm and there was light snow.  They are getting into their rhythm and getting some sleep.  They send love to friends, family and loved ones, especially Dirk, Lola and Piperio.  Ciao for now.

Listen to the audio updates from the 10 k ski team, Team Cool Running and Team Yellow below (followed by transcriptions)

Hi, this is the 10 K trip to the North Pole with Nancy and our gang . Very late on Good Friday evening, we arrived on the polar ice cap.  Nancy is just amazing.  We set up camp, she fed us, watered us and we settled down at 4 AM Easter Saturday waiting in anticipation for our trip out that day.  We got up at 10:00, had pizza for breakfast and fried carrot cake.  We set off with great enthusiasm in very cold weather but with the sun shining.  It was tremendous!  Life changing!  Extremely hard at times with columns of ice rock formations and stepping over open leads and after 16 km instead of the 10 due to diversions, movement of the polar ice cap we finally reached, or nearly reached, our destination.  We then started running around with our GPS trying to get spot on 90.0 to make sure that we were actually there.  All of us running together, we’ll get it, we’ll get it, we’ll get it, we’re going to get it and finally we did!!  It was an absolutely amazing experience for the enthusiastic trekker.  If you can, just do it!!  That’s Easter Saturday. 

Hello, this is James. I'm giving a quick update. It's April the 16th. We're here at Barneo at the base camp. We got up early this morning to snow on the ground, had a nice night and had to pack up fairly quickly, maybe an hour to pack up and get all of our gear together.  The helicopters met us flawlessly and we flew back to base camp and we're here having lunch and dinner and swapping stories of our great 2 night 3 day adventure that we had to the North Pole.  Been wonderful.  Good staff.  Everybody is in good spirits. It is cold, but besides that it's one of the better trips I’ve ever had.  I wish everybody the best. Thanks.

OK Hello Annie, hello PolarExplorers!  Our position is N 89° 23.35, E 108° 16.02.  Today the weather was good, we are in good conditions right now.  Qobin, Shahrom and I (Boiy) we are all in good condition.  Now we are the second team behind Keith’s team, only 15 seconds ahead.  Annie’s team is behind us, they may catch up with us tomorrow.  Everything is good.  It was warm today, temperature is good, the ice is good.  Some places we had to pull our sledges but everything OK.  The guides found a good route for us.  Everything is OK.  So our team is Cool Running and we are running right now, OK?  All right guys, thank you!  And have a good day, Happy Easter Day!  All right, bye!

Hello from the Arctic.  Team Yellow here.  Lindsay talking.  We should start with the temperature.  Today we had -12° C, sunny, then overcast and a lot of snow on and off, but virtually no wind.  Some would say the perfect trekking conditions.  Excepting really not cold enough- we had layers after layers on and we all started to get hot and sweaty.  Early on after our first push, we trekked through a lot of rubble fields.  After that we had some flat pans with rubble in between on both sides.  And then towards the end of the day there were a definitely a couple of challenging rubble crossings.  We managed 5 pushes again today totaling a total distance of 9.5 nautical miles which now means that in 2 days, we are 23 nautical miles along our course.  Our current location is N 89° 23.24, E 105° 67.30.  After dinner tonight, we shared some good old Tim Tam, an Aussie dessert which the team all loved- either double dipped milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  I think the dark chocolate was a hit. One of our guides Andrew tried it as a straw but the first one fell apart and dropped into his coffee, probably really because he wanted a second one.  Just for those who were wondering, I am no longer a #2 virgin.  Ciao for now.  Bye.

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