Friday, 09 January 2015 20:00

Flight to The Pole: Success

Reporting in for their first and only update from their expedition, our team of two that flew to the Pole has safely returned back to Union Glacier base camp. They had so much fun that they forgot to give any other updates!

They are currently on the flight from Antarctica back to Punta Arenas. Pictures to come... Listen to the audio update from Izchak and Ross below.

Monday, 05 January 2015 22:41

A great day exploring Union Glacier (SP Flight)

Izchak and Ross had a great day today, checking out the vicinity of the Union Glacier basecamp by ski and van. The weather was beautiful, with full sun and a light wind. Temperatures were around freezing.

One big step closer to the South Pole (SP Flight)

Today Izchak and Ross flew across the Drake Passage and landed on the ice runway at the Union Glacier basecamp. "Union Glacier" is a very comfortable basecamp (by expedition standards) situated on the Union Glacier, which is roughly a kilometer thick.

Flight delayed means time to explore in town (SP Flight)

Weather delays are common for trips to Antarctica and Izchak and Ross got a small taste of this today when their flight was postponed. This means an extra day in town to explore.

Izchak and Ross kick off their expedition (SP Flight)

Welcome to the blog for the 2015 South Pole Flight!

Izchak and Ross are currently in Punta Arenas, Chile awaiting their departure for Antarctica. They are excited and eager to start the expedition.

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