Written by Lew Freedman

Chicago Tribune

Annie Aggens stood at the top of the world marveling at the frozen horizon of white stretching for millions of acres. A step in any direction took he south...

Sunday, 06 February 2005 00:00

Q&A On top of the World

I would like to take a trip to the North Pole. Are there agencies that organize these trips? - Joseph M. Hassett, NY, NY

NY Times

The North Pole and its vast tracts of pack ice and polar wildlife have been...

Tuesday, 17 February 2004 00:00

The Christian Science Monitor

by R.A.

The Christian Science Monitor

Christopher Sweitzer has been to the North Pole twice. The first time hardly counts, though, since he was only 18 months old. As a fifth-grader last April, he returned with his dad, Rick, whose adventure travel business has been offering North Pole trips since 1993.


With just two days left on his journey to the South Pole, Scott Anderson got frostbite.

The temperature was minus 40 degrees, and the wind was coming directly at his face at 30 miles per hour, creating

Thursday, 29 October 1998 00:00

Men's Health Article

By Mark Jenkins

Mens Health

I'm in a bar with a friend. It's not late, but getting there. Sort of like the definition of midlife. We'd intended to have one beer and head home. that was hours ago...

Sunday, 11 August 1996 00:00

To The End of the Earth

By Bob Weinstein

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe

Burt Meyer and Jim Gieske have a lot in common. Both belong to an elite group of travelers who have journeyed to the North Pole. But they didn't reach the top of the world in the same way.

Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

It's a wrap!

Your well wishes and crossed fingers worked! The weather cleared and our team departed from Kulusuk this afternoon, saying their final farewell's to Greenland. It was a fitting end to a trip filled with weather delays, storms, & holding patterns, but also plenty of good times and rewarding days and above all a brilliant team. 

Thanks to everyone who followed this blog, and thanks to our amazing Greenland team. Heather, Dale, Ian, John, Eric, Taylor, Salo and Julius, you had us wondering how it would all end and we are delighted to have been a part of your adventure. 

Don't miss out on Ian's last audio dispatch from the bar at the Kulusuk Hotel!

Until next time!

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